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SQL statement failed

Hi, I need some help.
I have a Tm1 process that reads from an access database query.
This was still working about a week ago. No I am getting the following error message. SQL statement failed.
Any ideas on what can cause this and why it happens?

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There could be a number of

There could be a number of reasons to this. If you DB is located on the other server then you have to make sure that you have access to the DB file.

If your table structure has been changed then the old query may not work and you have to alter the Query as well. Make sure your SQL query is valid. You can run the same query within Access to check it.

Rizwan Kaif

Re: SQL statement failed

could you try to run that SQL query on a client other than TM1 Turbo Integrator, then you should get a more explicit explanation on why it fails.

Re: SQL statement failed

I had the same problem and was wondering if this is a bug? My query had unions in it and after separating all the unions it was fine. However this is a workaround and i am looking for a permanent solution