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spilling the beans

TM1 and Excel in 1 click

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the following code will:
- load TM1 add-in
- hide the TM1 toolbars (most people do not need spreading, developer.. tools)
- log you on TM1
- open the Server Explorer
- expand the applications and cubes
so you are just 1 click away from accessing your TM1 data :)

Replace the "\\path\to\tm1p.xla","server","user" and "password" strings to your own settings.

----THIS WORKBOOK------------------
Private Sub workbook_open()

'load TM1 add-in if the TM1 menu do not exist
If Not (bCommandBarExists("TM&1")) Then
Workbooks.Open ("\\path\to\tm1p.xla")
End If

'hide TM1 toolbars
On Error Resume Next
With Application
.CommandBars("TM1 Servers").Visible = False
.CommandBars("TM1 Developer").Visible = False
.CommandBars("TM1 Spreading").Visible = False
.CommandBars("TM1 Standard").Visible = False
End With
On Error GoTo 0

msg = Run("n_connect", "server", "user", "password")
If msg <> "" Then
MsgBox msg
End If

Application.Run "TM1RECALC"
End Sub

-----MODULE 1----------------------
Function bCommandBarExists(sCmdBarName As String) As Boolean

Dim bCbExists As Boolean

Dim cb As CommandBar

bCbExists = False
For Each cb In Application.CommandBars
If = sCmdBarName Then
bCbExists = True
Exit For
End If

bCommandBarExists = bCbExists

End Function

Sub Open_SE()

Application.Run "TM1StartOrionWithAutomation"

'wait for Server Explorer to open
Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:05")
'expand Applications
'jump to cubes and expand
SendKeys "{C}{RIGHT}"
End Sub

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Error in Code

There is a minor error in the code;

'hide TM1 toolbars
On Error Resume Next
With Applications

Should actually read

'hide TM1 toolbars
On Error Resume Next
With Application

The "s" needs to be dropped from the with statement