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spilling the beans

TM1 Documenter (a Documenting tool)

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Just FYR, New Version of TM1 Documenter Version2.5 (A documenting tool) has been released.
I believe, it will very useful to TM1 Consultants & Developers, and the Organisations as well.
Myself being a TM1 Consultant, know the pain-areas of a Consultant. Having a Java background; I developed this software.

Usually documentation task takes about 20-40 days, thereby blocking a valuable resource (TM1 Developer) for such less-important task. By using this software, the documentation task will be completed in just few clicks. Moreover; during development or support task, when the model becomes huge or complex sometimes people lose the exact data flow of the model (as Rule sets are difficult to understand). Some times a developer ,by mistake, deletes an object (be it a cube, dimension, element, or a subset) that is providing is data to some other object. TM1 do not disallow to do so, but the model goes on a toss. Here the Object Dependency Checker comes to rescue.

Software Summary: It has in all 2 Main Modules. I have introduced one new module in it, i.e. Object Dependency Checker

Following are the details:

Documenter Module:
1. Detailed information / summary of the cubes.
2. Cube Sizing.
3. Views info (optional).
4. Rules info (optional).
5. Detailed information / summary of the Dimensions.
6. Subsets info (optional).
7. Export TI Process list.
8. Export Dimension Attributes
9. Export Element Attributes
10.Output html file with index on left side & Object details in center pane that make easy to navigate the objects.

Object Dependency Checker Module:
1. Cube Dependency: Select a cube & see all the other cubes depending on this. (i.e. view all cubes that are been sourced by this cube)
2. Dimension Dependency: Select a DIM & see all cubes & rules using this DIM. It also displays if this Dim is being used as Picklist anywhere.
3. Element Dependency: Select an Element from Dim & see all cubes using , specifically, this element Data.
4. Subset Dependency: Select a Subset & see all the views using this subset. It also displays if this Subset is being used as Picklist anywhere.
5. Cube-Element Dependency: This is detailed level element dependency. This module checks if the data of selected element of the selected cube is being used anywhere.
6. Export option available for all above sub-modules.

so here it is.
You can download it from:- (Please install this software with ADMIN RIGHTS)

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