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TM1 Microcharts Mobile

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Here is one way to generate TM1 reports fit for small displays, such as Blackberry or any other smartphone, without requiring to install any extras on the phone or setting up servers.

Procedure to follow:
.create TM1 report with MicroCharts for high density data reporting
.save the report as pdf or jpg with pdfcreator
.(convert report as image and eventually split pages to fit smartphone screen)
.email images
.display jpg attachments on user's smartphone

You will need to install the following:
PdfCreator: convert xls to pdf
MicroCharts (30 days free trial) or completely free Rimlinger's Sparklines
ImageMagick: convert pdf to images
GhostScript: postscript/pdf support

in excel, create a TM1 report with some microcharts then:
.set ALL margins to 0
.page setup: paper size A5 and set the row to repeat at top
.make sure the width of the report fits in the A5 format

in pdfcreator options:
.autosave tab
autosave format: PDF
filename: report
directory for auto-save:\\tm1server\send\
.actions after saving tab:
program script: C:\Program Files\ImageMagick\convert.exe
program parameters: -crop 100%x50% \\tm1server\send\report.pdf \\tm1server\send\phone.jpg

we could export as JPEG directly but pdfcreator would save only the first page, that's why convert.exe is required for postprocessing.

Now print the report to printer "PDFCREATOR"

The resulting jpeg files will be found in the auto-save directory. The images can now be emailed to smartphones and will fit any screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio (ex Blackberry Curve) so the user do not need to zoom in/out when opening the attachment.

Example: TM1 users activity report
TM1 user activity

These mobile reports are not as interactive as Cognos Go Mobile or some web interfaces but setup is easier and mucho cheapo.

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