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Turbo Integrator highlighters

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To make your TM1 developer day more colorful, how about a syntax highlighter for Turbo Integrator? or 2?

Dominique Righetto came up the first with a syntax highlighter in ConTEXT it comes preconfigured here

TM1 Highlighter for PSPad
Following up on that, I generated a syntax highlighter for PSPad which I usually use for scripting.
Save the .ini attached to this post, then in PSPad:
Settings->User Highlighter
Settings->Highlighter Settings
Select TM1 and OK

TM1 Highlighter for UltraEdit
1. download the attached tm1-ultraedit.txt
2. in UltraEdit, Advanced->Configuration->Editor Display->Syntax Highlighting, open WORDFILE.TXT
3. copy/paste the contents of tm1-ultraedit.txt in your wordfile.txt
4. click OK. enjoy.

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Will give it a try and look forward to TM1 v9.1

UltraEdit highlighter too

I just dumped a basic highlighter for UltraEdit on your request. I hope this will be useful.

On a similar note, TM1 v. 9.1 rules editor will have syntax highlighting, code folding and versioning capabilities if you can wait (seen it with my own eyes).


Has anyone developed a TM1 syntax highlighter for UltraEdit?