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Updating SQL directly with Tm1

Is it possible to directly update SQL tables using Tm1? If yes, what steps do I have to follow?

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tm1 to sql

sure, we do this all the time. As eric said you can push to a text file and trigger a(n) DTS/SSIS process and/or bcp import ... or you can use the ODBCOutput() tm1 procedure to open the database and insert rows directly. You can either build the SQL statement in TM1 or build a Parameterized Stored Procedure and "Output" to the exec stp_insert_rows procedure (that you create). The text file might be faster for large quantities of data due to bulk loading capabilities but also requires additional synchronization steps.

TM1 parameters to SQL procedure

We are having an issue passing TM1 parameters to a sql procedure called in a TI process. Can you give an example how you setup up a parameter in a spreadsheet that was passed to the procedure? Our current process will work in we run the TI process standalone with default values but not as an action button within the spreadsheet that calls the process. Thanks.

TM1 --> SQL Server

Honestly I would like to know the reason you want to push TM1 data to a SQL Server. If I had this requirement I would do the following.

  1. Build a Access database that has a query to preform a update statment from reading a text file to be executed with the autoexec function
  2. Use TI to preform the ASCIIoutput()
  3. Use TI Command Line to Open the Acess Database Does that help or do you need me to get into the Detail? Eric Hernandez